These Reasons Early Marriage Is Not Recommended

Early marriage is a marriage that takes place before the bride is 18 years old. In addition to creating health risks for women, early marriage also has the potential to trigger sexual violence and human rights violations. Republic of Indonesia Law No. 1 of 1974 article 6 sets the minimum age for marriage in which marriages are only permitted if men have reached the age of 19 and the woman has reached the age of 16. However, in terms of medical and psychological, that age is still fairly early to deal with problems at marriage. Some studies even show that early marriage in adolescence is more risky to lead to divorce. Why Early Marriage Is Not Recommended In Indonesia, early marriage occurs with a reason to avoid slander or having sex outside of marriage. There are also parents who marry off their teenage children for economic reasons. By marrying a daughter, it means that the burden of parents in supporting the child is reduced, because the daughter will be the responsibility of
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